Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting Child TINA

not a photo of the actual child Tina
This sweet brown-eyed girl has been waiting in Africa for many months to find her family.  She has celebrated other children's "gotcha" day and I am sure she is wondering when her new Family will come for her.  She came into care last January and was underweight and small for her age.  Since being in the care center she has celebrated her fourth birthday.  Tina has gained over 10 pounds since entering care.  She has good sleep and eating habits.  Doctors noted on exam that she has a systolic heart murmur and club feet.  Tina has been treated for her club feet by wearing splints at night and exchanging her right and left shoe during the day.  She is able to walk and play actively with the other children.  She is a chubby cheeked little girl that will win your heart!  Please email for more information!

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