Thursday, September 23, 2010

Investment Parenting!

I encourage everyone to take a little time from their busy schedule and listen to The Connected Child on Creating a Family blog radio.  It is a practical overview of how adoptive parents can work to improve their bond with their new child.  The overwhelming theme is that ALL children can   if their parents are willing to INVEST time in forming a healthy bond. 

It is really interesting to hear how Neonatal and even PRENATAL malnutrition can contribute to attachment issues.  Interestingly enough, the age of the child at adoption is not as crucial as the child having had consistent nurturing care during the first two years of life.  An older child may grieve the loss of the caregiver they were attached to, but be able to form healthy attachements with their new parents.  One other interesting fact was that special needs children often have a better caregiver to child ratio which may give them an advantage in forming healthy attachments!

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