Monday, September 20, 2010

Special Focus Child Nicholas waiting in Asia!

Dear Little Nicholas is a true 4 year old full of vigor and is ready to go- go -go! He is as handsome as be and has a smile that warms your heart!! He is living just outside the capital city of Inner Mongolia. He is a son of the vast grasslands of Mongolia. His city's name means "where the deer are found" and is located at the foot of the Yinshan Mountains, and on the bank of the Yellow River. It is also where the oldest section of the Great Wall is found.

We are so truly hopeful that for a family, their "little DEAR" can be found in the adoption of this curious and delightful little boy. Nicholas entered his SWI when he was 1 month old but is currently living with a foster family to whom he has a close attachment. His special need is that he has an abnormal development of his right eye. He likely has little or no vision in his right eye but it has not slowed him down in the least! He is capable of doing everything from running and playing to talking up a storm and he is writing Chinese characters too... AT FOUR YEARS OLD! Nicholas has a wonderful personality and interacts with both kids and adults who say he likes to LAUGH alot. Like most boys his age he is smitten with with balls, little planes, cars and guns but he also likes to draw, learn to write and play counting games. He sounds like a remarkable little boy who has adapted to the vision loss in his right eye and is healthy and robust in every other way.
There are also websites that can help families understand vision loss better.
Two of those websites: and (American Foundation for the Blind) are great basic resources.  Please take a minute and go to and look at his darn cute pictures! This little guy is bound to bring his laughter with him to a "for always family" of his own.

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