Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beautiful Sibling Group Available in Eastern Europe

(names are changed to protect the privacy of the children.  Photos and more details are available by email )

We have a lovely sibling group searching for their forever home!  Brittany, Brianna and Brandon are charming intelligent children. 

Brittany is now 6 years old and is said to be very mature for her age and independent in everyday situations.  Brittany is a smart, well-behaved, helpful, good and also beautiful little girl.  Brittany has excellent health and is developmentally at or above the norms for her age. 

Brianna is an outgoing and social little girl.  She is well liked by other children and can be protective of her little brother.  Brianna loves to sing and recite rhymes.  She, like her sister, is a smart child who is well behaved and helpful.  Brianna was born HIV positive and is on anti-retrovirus treatment. 

Brandon is a delightful little boy who has just turned three.  He has sparkling eyes and sweet dimpled cheeks.  His foster family describes him as "obedient, nice and smart".  Brandon establishes very good emotional contact and loves to be cuddled.  Brandon has great health and is developmentally on track.

These children have been waiting for a family for over a year!  For more information on parenting an HIV+ child go to

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