Thursday, September 9, 2010

Could you Love US?

Sometimes working in adoption is a joyful experience.  Sometimes it can break your heart.  This little girl is waiting for a home.  She is three years old and longs to know the love of a mother and father.  Her older brother waits for the security of a permanent home....He is four.  The baby brother is only two....he needs a mom to hold him, to snuggle him and kiss his chubby baby neck!  Could you love these children?  Could you bring them into your home?  Could you raise them and watch them meet and surpass the normal milestones of childhood.  Could you watch this lovely girl blossom into the lovely woman she will someday be? 

This is the second set of siblings that I have been asked to find a home for that have one sibling that is HIV positive.  The children have no known health issues and seem developmentally on track.  Behavior reports are glowing.  Typically a sibling group like these would find a family quickly.  HIV tends to be a conversation ender when talking to most families.  Do these families know that HIV is now considered more easily controlled than diabetes?  Do they know that HIV is actually a fragile virus that is very difficult to pass and there must be a fluid exchange.  Do they know that you won't catch HIV from sharing a cup, from changing a diaper or from kissing your little boy....If you could open your heart and love these children, please contact me at

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