Waiting Children

Children Currently Waiting to Find Their Forever Families:
(the names of all our waiting children have been changed to protect their privacy!)


  • BECKHAM: dob 3/5/05 Healthy little boy waiting patiently for his forever family!
  • CHARLIE: dob 5/4/09 Charlie has a repaired spina meningocele and umbilical hernia.
  • STOCKTON: dob 1/25/08 Apple cheeked sweetheart that was born without his left hand. 
  • NICHOLAS: dob 6/26/06 Nicholas has abnormal development of his right eye.
  • JOEY: dob 11/13/06 Joey was born with congenital heart disease and has already undergone an operation to correct his condition.
  • JESSE: dob 3/6/06 Jesse was born with anal atresia which has been repaired.
  • RYDER: dob 6/29/03 Ryder was born with congenital heart disease and has undergone a repair of the condition.
  • KAI: dob 1/25/08 Kai has delayed motor development.
  • BLAKE: dob 1/25/08 Blake was born with undescended testicles.
  • ASHTON: dob 8/24/07 Ashton was born with congenital heart disease and has undergone an operation to repair the condition.


  • TINA: dob 7/02/2006 Tina is very small for her age.  She weighs about 22lbs and is 48.3cm tall.  Tina has one club foot and a systolic heart murmur.  Tina is described as having a very good attitude towards her caregivers and the other children in her orphanage.
  • MEGAN: dob 3/12/2007 Megan is an active and healthy young lady that is well liked by everyone.  She loves wearing dresses! 
  • ABRAHAM: dob 5/15/2007 Abraham is a very good natured and helpful boy!  He came to the orphanage with 5 infected baby teeth which have been extracted.  Abraham has an infection in his toe nails which is currently under treatment. 
  • AIDEN:  dob 1/11/2008  Aiden is a sociable boy that is quite the snuggler!  He loves attention from his caregivers.  Aiden came into the orphanage showing signs of malnutrition, but has made great strides on nutritional rehabilitation.  Aiden is in the 3rd percentile in weight and height on the growth charts.
  • ADAM: dob 2/24/2008  Adam is a very healthy toddler.  He came into the orphanage in July.  Adam has a sparkle in his eye and a joy for life.  He has a playful personality.
  • DANIELdob 2/22/2007  Daniel is a social and outgoing little boy.  He is in very good health and is waiting solely because of his age. 
  • ERIK: dob 6/26/2008  Erik is a sweet-faced little boy with a gentle smile.  He enjoys playing with the other children in the orphanage and is loving to his caregivers.  Erik has no known health conditions. CURRENTLY ON HOLD FOR A FAMILY!
  • JACKSON: dob 1/27/2008  Jackson is a smiley two year old!  He has a small head circumference and shows typical signs of autism.  Jackson walks with support and is on track in his motor skills.
  • THOMAS: dob 2/22/2007 Thomas is a friendly, active preschooler!  He has suffered from chronic malnourishment and is very small for his age.  Thomas also has mild nystagmus (possible vision loss). 
  • JACOB: dob 07/1/2007 Jacob is a healthy little boy!  Jacob shows no signs of any health or developmental issues except a toenail infection.  Jacob plays well with the other children and is very friendly.
  • ZACK: dob 3/10/2007  Zack entered the orphanage showing signs of extreme malnutrition (kwawashiokor).  He has been evaluated by a physician and is undergoing nutritional therapy.  Zack shows signs of motor and developmental delays likely caused by malnutrition.
For more information on any of these children waiting in Africa, please contact Patty Fuchs at patty.fuchs@chiadopt.org  Photos and more detailed medical information is available.


  • SEREPHINA: dob 2/25/2005 Serephina is a darling little girl who is nearly on track developmentally despite struggling with Cystic Fibrosis.  Serephina has been hospitalized multiple times due to respiratory complications and infections.  Serephina requires daily manual exercises to clear her lungs. 
  • NINA: dob 03/11/2008 Nina stays in an orphange run by Catholic nuns where she receives really great care.  She has looks healthy and is on track developmentally despite having Cystic Fibrosis. Doctors are impressed by how healthy and strong Nina remains despite being in a center surrounded by other children who might pass her respiratory infections! 
  • MIRIAH: dob 1/10/2007 Miriah is a charming little preschooler who was born prematurely.  She almost died at birth and was born with a virus that damaged her hearing.  Miriah wears hearing aids and does hear some noises.  She is beginning to speak some syllables herself.  Doctors think she is a good candidate for implants!  Miriah may also have some form of epilepsy, though she has never had a seizure.  Miriah is a joy to be around and is very smart with a good memory. 
  • ANGELINA: dob 11/20/2006 Angelina is a cheerful child yearning for contact with other people.  Her biological parents were mentally retarded.  Angelina has been diagnosed with microcephaly and increased muscle tone.  She has undergone physical therapy and is making great progress with her motor skills. 
  • PATRICIAdob 2/15/2007 Patricia is a tiny three year old girl.  Patricia is the size of an infant and has been diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome which effects her facial structure.  Patricia will need facial surgery when she is a bit older. 
  • JENNA:  dob 8/4/2003  Jenna is a sweet and sensitive girl well liked by other children.  She is very cooperative and creative in her play.  Jenna has been diagnosed with epilepsy and vision issues.  Jenna is making great progress in her learning.
  • OLIVIAdob 12/7/2008 Olivia is a petite little girl with beautiful blue-green eyes.  Olivia has been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Central Nervous System disorders.  Olivia is showing good progress in her development with therapy.
  • MARIANNEdob 4/8/2000 Marianne is a strong willed little girl who would benefit from experienced parents who can help her overcome the psychological trauma of a very difficult early life.  Marianne has no health issues.
  • DALLASdob 6/22/2005 Dallas loves to play.  He was born at 28 weeks gestation and has developmental delays and requires BIPAP ventilation while sleeping.
  • JAMESdob 5/19/2005 James is a darling little boy with significant motor and developmental delays.  He shows signs of infantile cerebral palsy. 
  • MILOdob 8/8/2009 Milo is a beautiful and sweet baby boy born with Down Syndrome.  Milo has hypothyroidism and is under the care of an endocrinologist.  Milo is currently seen by a rehabilitation therapist three days a week and is making great developmental progress.  Milo does not show any signs of having a heart defect and shows good cognitive development for his age.
  • DOMINIC AND CAMERON7/23/2008 and 2/10/2007 Dominic and Cameron are joyful blond-haired little brothers that need to be placed together.  They were both born prematurely and showed some signs of Cerebral Palsy.  Cameron is developing well and loves to paint and mold figures out of clay.  He is meeting his developmental milestones at this point and is healthy.  Dominic lags a bit still in motor skills, but is a sweet boy that has made much progress.
  • PARKER: dob 8/17/2000 Parker was born with a myelomeningocele.  He had surgery as an infant and follow up surgeries and is currently doing very well.  He walks well and has good control over his bladder.  Parker has physical therapy to improve the slight remaining contracture of his leg muscles.
  • MOSESdob 2/20/2001 Moses is a child with no diagnosed physical or psychological issues. 
Please email Nina Thompson at nina.thompson@chiadopt.org for more information on any of the Eastern European waiting children!


BRITTANY, BRIANNA, AND BRANDON: (6, 5 and 3 yrs) Beautiful, Charming, Brilliant!  These three siblings are waiting to fill a families home and heart with love and laughter.  Healthy in every regard except for the fact that Brianna tests HIV positive.  Brianna is on medication and doing very well.  Please email if you are ready to open you heart to these lovely children.

AUSTIN, AVERY AND ADAM: (14, 13 and 10 yrs)  These boys want love and permanency so badly that they are willing to be adopted separately so that at least one of them will have a permanent family.  The boys have no behavior issues and are average or above average IQ.  Adam excels in music and goes to music school.