Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waiting Baby Boy in Eastern Europe

Milo just had his first birthday.  Little Milo was born with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe and his mother has given consent to his placement for adoption.  Milo's development is  delayed within light degree with developmental profile typical for children with DS.  Milo shows no characteristics of significant pathology. He is reactive to stimuli and his social behavior is correct.  Milo's motor and vocal reactions are delayed due to typical slowed development of a down Syndrome child.

Milo has shown positive social responses from a very early stage of development and he has presented good cognitive activity. Development of motor skills is dependent on achieving appropriate motor capabilities and improvement of muscle tone. Milo's caregivers have been attentive to his need for intensive physical therapy and support of development according to rules for children with DS.

Doctors who have examined Milo feel that he has good  odds at only a slight delay in development and is likely to achieve good social adjustment.  A family environment will lengthen his odds on good development and adaptation.

For more information on Down Syndrome please go to the National Down Syndrome Society!  For more information on Milo please contact Nina at

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