Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Special Needs Focus- HIV

There has not been even ONE case of accidental transmission of HIV among household members for the past 16 YEARS, since the introduction of anti-retro viral  medicines! Not one case according to Centers for Disease Control data.  And this is among people living together every day.  People eating, drinking, sleeping and...bleeding ...together! (bleeding IS part of w/ kids!) And NOT ONE CASE!! 3 cheers for modern miracle meds!

Exactly how HIV will affect a person’s life span is still unknown; however, since the introduction of effective treatments, there has been a decrease in HIV-related illnesses and increased life expectancy. Some people have been living with the virus for over 20 years. If medications are taken correctly, they can help maintain a healthy life for many years. It is hoped that eventually a cure will be found.

For more information on HIV and how it effects the life of children please go to Web MD.

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