Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Consider Bulgaria...

So, you have been thinking about adopting don't know which way to turn and are not "drawn" to any one country.  Consider Bulgaria.  Bulgaria is a country in Eastern Europe that sits above Greece and Turkey.  There are many children waiting Children's House International has worked in Bulgaria since 1996. Bulgaria has an orphanage system divided up into age groups: 0 - 3, 3 -7, and 7 up. Children older than 12 months, both boys and girls and siblings are available. In the orphanage, the children see new families come and children leave. They understand what this means and wish for themselves that they will be chosen next. The quality of the orphanages vary, but many look very similar to a typical American pre-school / daycare you might see in your own town.  For more information please visit the Children's House website at  We are advocating for several children under the age of three with special needs!  For more information on these children please email Nina at

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