Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to Children's House International...The Blog. I am very excited about this opportunity to share with you all from "the trenches" of an international adoption agency. I am the newest member of the Children's House team and am currently case manager for the Eastern European and India programs. My interest in adoption probably started when I was only eight years old. At that time my dearest Aunt was struggling with infertility (well, ok, I just knew she wanted a baby and wasn't having much success getting one!) and decided to adopt. She subsequently brought home two lovely cousins for me to play with.  They were from a different culture and didn't really look like me, but boy did we have fun! 

My fascination with adoption was born!

I am a law school graduate who has an award of distinction in Family Law. Working at Children's House International is a great fit for me. I get to do a job that ultimately brings joy (though there can be many frustrations along the way). So stay tuned for informative updates from me and from Kathy Looser our Child Placement Supervisor.   So stay tuned!

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