Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Little Boys...

We have two little brothers waiting patiently for referral to a new family!  They are two and three years old and were both born prematurely.  The older boy has made great strides in his development through good physical therapy that has been provided in his home country in Eastern Europe.  He enjoys painting and playing with molding clay.  He is now considered developmentally on track and is a healthy little boy! 

The younger brother is still showing motor skill delays but is making progress.  At two years of age he is standing and crawling, but cannot yet walk.  This boy also has poor vision that may be impacting his development.  The psychological evaluation describes both boys as "cheerful, joyful and have a great need for closeness and love."  If you are ready to open your heart to these two blond haired, blue eyed boys please email us for more information. 

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