Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The FINAL First Day

I watched my little girl… no, I have to start calling her my daughter, leave home this morning for the first day of her Senior Year of High School. It hit me that this is our last first day. Devi and I have had many first days together, starting with the day I adopted her. I remember her tiny hand in mine as she cried, then as she blew bubbles and then painted my fingernails. I remember her very first day of school like it was yesterday, her first piano recital, her first swimming competition. Devi was seven years old when I adopted her. I was always grateful for the wonderful daughter that India had given me, but now, on one of our “last first days,” I wish we could go back in time. I had to call Debbie Price, our Executive Director and apologize for secretly thinking she was a little nuts last year when she told us it was her youngest child's last first day. Now I know what she meant.

Students here must do a senior project in order to graduate. Devi is doing her project on International Adoption. She has many questions that she wants answered. She asks me things like “Why are there so many children in orphanages? Why do children have to wait so long? Why wasn't I adopted in India? She started doing some research and discovered that there just aren't any acceptable answers.

Take care,

Lisa Anderson

International Specialist

Children's House International

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